Jul 29, 2013

[ Qualita Bike ] Carbon Fiber MTB 650b Frame - Raw

650B MTB Frame is becoming a very popular products among pro-cycling players.
Aero modeling is a future design trend for MTB bike.

Very unique head tube model.
When we put on the decal the outline will pop out for the design.
As you can see there is inner cable setting.

Under the B.B. the cable is hidden among the inner tube settings.

Closer look for head tube.As you can see  cable guide is vp next to the settings.
And closer view of seat tube.

Post mount  dick brake system.

Full carbon Drop End for fame hook.

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  1. There are also various other accessories and parts that play a pivotal role in making your bicycle perfect and useful.

  2. We still arrange the other parts to build it up. Hopefully it will be built up in next few month.