Aug 21, 2013




The company-history has its beginning in the year 1634. At this time a physicist named Scharandi from Solothurn started drawing wire in the Taubenlochschlucht in Biel. Over the decades and centuries the craft was developed and industrialized.

At the beginning of the 20st century the first bicycle components were produced in Biel. In the year 1934 the products ranged from spokes and rims to dust shields for bicycles and pushchairs.
After economical difficulties in the metal industry in the years 1980 – 1990 the former company United Wireworks stopped the production of rims and dust shields and started arranging the split-up of the company.


1994 DT Swiss AG was founded by a management buyout from the United Wireworks by the current owners Frank Böckmann, Maurizio D’Alberto and Marco Zingg. The short-name DT was created by the former company with the german/french name “Vereinigte Drahtwerke / Tréfileries réunie” (means United Wireworks) and is still today an important part of the company name. The D stands for Drahtwerke and the for Tréfileries. With the management-buyout the company was renamed into to DT Swiss. The new name reflects the origins of the company and stands for Swiss tradition and high quality.

The production of spokes was once the beginning of the company. Already before the founding of
DT Swiss AG, DT became synonymous for high quality Swiss spokes and stands until today for durability and preciseness.


Driven by the vision of becoming a worldwide known manufacturer of bicycle components, DT Swiss expanded its product range over the years. Today DT Swiss has established itself as a leading manufacturer of spokes, nipples, hubs, rims, complete wheels as well as suspension systems.


The ambition to develop innovative products with modern design, combined with top Swiss quality, is the goal of our engineers. With the feedback of pro-riders and test-riders from all disciplines and by using advanced material- and manufacturing-technologies, new products are developed and proven components improved.

Together with the growing product range investments were continuously made into new production plants. One last important step was moving into a new headquarter. Since the beginning of 2011 DT Swiss is situated in a new built facility with the latest infrastructure in the new industrial area of Biel.

Next to production in Switzerland, production also takes place in own factories in Poland, Taiwan and USA. All facilities are equipped with the same machines as in Switzerland, guaranteeing equal production standards and Swiss quality.

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