Nov 29, 2013

[ Qualita Bike ]New Road Bike just build up - Finally

Finally,  this bike has been taking for so long to make the design.

It is just like my own baby. That I put a lots of time and effert to do this project.
It is about 7kg weighting. 

Frame : AL7075 hydraulic forged tubing.
Power system: Shimano Sora group set.
Saddle :Velo saddle.
Seat Post: 31.8mm Uno seat post.
Wheelset:38mm profile Kinlin Rim
Pillar Spoke build in. And Novatech hub.

Hope you guys like it! Please leave your command.

By the way we are working on making a new ebike kits and ebike. And I will post it as soon as I build it up at the end of year.

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