May 27, 2011

TN-M2F 29er MTB Bicycle Fame

TN-M2F MTB Bicycle Fame

- Frame: Aluminum 7005
- Size: (H-T) 110 mm Taper Design
(T-T) 530 mm
(C-T) 17", 19"
- Seatpost: 31.6
- With Head Set
- With Seat Post Clamp
- With V-brake mount
- Weight: 19", 1988g +/-50g
- Color: Blue/Red/Green

Since the carbon frame has very long term deliver time.
It seems that has 90 ~ 120 days in production.

We have deliver a AL-29er MTB frame.
Although It is made of aluminum, it has a great shap just like the carbon frame.
Plus the deliver time is shorten to 30days in production.

Here are the design of the finishing. Size: 17" 19" 21"

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