Jun 3, 2013

[ Qualita Bike ] Leather Saddle - PVC Back Cover

In the earlier time we did promoted type of leather bicycle saddle similar product like Brookers.
A full leather cover bicycle saddle, Brookers has great quality of course, but also pricey.
The reason why we provide the leather saddle is because some of our decent client who
wants his road bike or fixed gear bike to mount this style of bicycle saddle.
They have all set, leather bicycle saddle, grip and tool bag. Futher more....

Color Options For Leather Saddles:

This year 2013 we would like introduce a new saddle. 
Which is as classic as the leather saddle, but there is something more.

The appearance is just like normal leather saddle.

To go mach with the leather saddles, what we need is leather tool bag.

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