Sep 27, 2013

Torque sensor & Speed sensor for E-bike.

Some of  my client from Japan, they ask me, " Hey why the e-bike motor won't activate when end user stop in the middle of the hill and they start to pedal the motor just do nothing?"
And then I tell them because the model they ordered is using speed sensor system to drive the motors.

What is speed sensor motor and what is torque sensor motor?And what are these two difference between this two motors.  I am going to explain what I know. Not so much, but should be enough.

Power Assist Bicycles are mainly using two type of systems to drive the motors
Speed sensor system is while we pedal the bicycle, until our bicycle reach certain speed then the motors will start functioning. Let's say if the setting is 0.5 km per hour, then we have to pedal the bicycle to reach 0.5km per hour speed. So when we stop in half way of the hill, in order to activate the motor speed from 0 to 0.5km  is not so easy. But considering of the cost and command use for end user's it will be perfect solutions.

A torque sensor on the other hand the sensor  is set in B.B. and the motor will be activate with the rotation of the crank. For example, if we move about 10 degree, then motor will start to do its work. It is quite good in gave the power assistant in all times. But it will also consume more battery power.  In general the price for torque sensor system is quite higher than speed sensor system.

Just have to make sure customer's demand before we can actually make suggestions.

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