Apr 22, 2013

Flashing Bicycle Pedals [Black]

Not only the grey version flashing bicycle pedals, also a black pedal model.
The color is black color for the pedal body and red color for the side cap.

And futher more...

Its out look is different design from earlier posted Flashing Bicycle Pedals [Grey]

6 LED flashing Light Bulbs which will help other locate your position during the night time bicycle ridding.
The Pedals has dinamo in the axle which will self generate power for led light bulbs.
In other words that we don't have to change the betters.

And we could see very clear from the side of pedals, two LED bulbs's in behind of the reflector.
It is not two little hole, it is a special made reflector, the LED flashing  bulbs is covered and hidden behind the reflector.
Some of the LED pedals just drill two holes in the reflector and put out the led bulbs.
Then it wouldn't  be able to make it water proof. And shorten the product life.

Stacked them together...

Nice Design and good quality.

Over all it is a very unique product, and it is for city bike and if you can save money instead of buying tail light and pedals for replacement it can actually save money on bicycle purchase budget.
And further more it has a great performance in the flashing qualities. Great ideal for night rider.

[ Demo Video ]

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