May 7, 2013

[ Qualita Bike ] Hubs for Fixed Gear Bike

Good stuff is coming...
This time we are going to display a hub model for fixed gear bike or single speed bike.

To

This month we are are going to introduce these types of  fixed gear bike hubs.
There is more colors for options, however seems Silver, Black and Red is most popular.
What color is available?

These colors are all available...

Secondly, we are going to show some more details of the hubs for today.
First we go with the Sliver Hub...

Rear Hub with 10mm axle and single side thread for cog mount..
Great anodizing job done. Some of the customer would ask for Hi-Polish surface treatment also.
However the cost is higher than anodizing one for sure.

Next, it will be the Black Hub...

There is also a front hub to go with, some design out look but assemble with 9mm axle for the front hub.
Maybe we will make some report later on the front hubs later.
The bearing is using sealed bearing and you can see them on both side.

Last let's check out the Red Hub...

This model is quite still for a fixed gear hub. Definitely worth buying for a high performance racing.
Cr-Mo axle is almost unbreakable.

And it is for today. Will keep up follow up new stuff and goodies in the future please press like us on our Face Book pages.

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