May 13, 2013

[ Qualita Bike ]Hubs for Fixed Gear Bike - Packing

We are about to make the delivery for the fixed gear hub.
But we actually have some problem about the carton quality.
On the right side is the super soft carton box for contain Bicycle Hubs.
We are sure when you obtain your goods you will be crazy about the quality.
And we order another good quality carton for as the service.
No matter how you tell the factory to change the packing, it just won't happen.

But when we start to make the QC for the fixed gear bike hub,
the partition carton is really bad in the quality.

It can not hold even before shipping.

Terrible packing... it does not hold the fixed gear hubs.

However we just replace the carton in order to protect client's goods.

 The fixed gear hubs are all sitting tight in the box.
That really helps a lot, if it was shipped with that terrible packing.
It will full of scratches during shipping, and damage your business reputations.

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