May 23, 2013

[ Qualita Bike ] CO2 air pump for Bicycle !

It is the smallest portable CO2 air pump on the market.
Unlike the big pump, this pump is easy to carry and use it as a hand tool.

CO2 inflator integrated construction
6 function ( 3, 4, 5 hex key, +,- screwdriver, CO2 inflator)
60.3mm X 47.6mm X 18mm / 70g
Fits both schrader and presta valve
Control the flow of CO2 by turning CO2 cartridge

Here are two type of portable CO2 air pump.
It is the smallest CO2 air pump in the world.
Only contains the pump nozzle and the CO2 cylinders.

A closer look for the nozzle.

The other type air pump is mounted with a bike tool with screwdriver/allan key

Packing for each items. 
Also a protection glove to prevent your hand frostbite from the  CO2 cylinders.

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