Oct 18, 2013

Business Trip To Japan.

Hey guys!

Next week will be my very first business trip to Japan to meet up with our buyers.
It is kind of nervous for me, because it had been almost 5 years since last visit.

Well, I will have to start to arrange many things such as booking hotels, air tickets and also make appointment with customers. I had plan about for this trip in few weeks.

But there is an amazing discovery that I would like to share with you guys.
We all know Japan has a high speed rail as Europe has EURO Star Train.
However, Japan Rail company is issuing a PASS. By what so call Japan Rail Pass, we can take the train as many time we want.

JAPAN RAIL PASS types and prices
There are two types of JAPAN RAIL PASS: Green (for superior-class Green cars), and Ordinary. Each of these types is available as a 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day PASS.See "JAPAN RAIL PASS validity", for services that can be used with a JAPAN RAIL PASS.
37,800 YEN
18,900 YEN
28,300 YEN
14,150 YEN
61,200 YEN
30,600 YEN
45,100 YEN
22,550 YEN
79,600 YEN
39,800 YEN
28,850 YEN

I book JR Pass via local travel agent. And they gave me an Exchange Order.

After I arrived I can exchange it for the JR PASS in Narita Air Port or indicated shop or JR booth.

Also I found there is a bicycle museum in Osaka.
It is cool, hope this trip will be a great trip. 

I will updated  when I have something new later...

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