Oct 15, 2013

What happen to the road bike and MTB bike design?

It has been a long while when we have to focus on serve our client for their OEM product.
So we didn't have enough time to process our design for road bike and MTB bike.

Our frame supplier has provided us the frame design same as Giant Bike.
SO..  the seat post design is very unique and very difficult to find.

It is a OD30.9 seatpost, it took us a while to figure out UNO has such seatpost in supply.
And  UNO also has three different kind of spec. of seatpost for options.
Such as OD27.2/ 30.9/ 31.6

Maybe for some ppl this is not so difficult to find but it really took me some time to find it.

This week we will assemble this bicycle with latest seatpost on it.

Also  MTB Bike will be post later...

Will keep on posted... while this is ready to taking a photos.

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